Since 1996 Cellmax has helped you to reimagine how we use our space. Make it green. Make it grow.  With Cellmax substrates, plant nutrients and supplements.


For a sustainable future green needs to thrive everywhere. In rural areas and especially in cities. Since 1996 Cellmax has helped you to reimagine how we use our space. Make it green. Make it grow. With our substrates, plant nutrients and supplements.

In 1859 US President Abraham Lincoln stated: “Before long the most valuable of all arts will be deriving a comfortable subsistence from the smallest area of soil.” Now, more than ever, this quote holds true. Our planet is getting more and more urbanised. The ‘healthy’ green is disappearing from our cities. Food production is changing from agricultural to industrial. Growing is intensified, quite often to unhealthy levels. And children become adults without the knowledge how our food is produced.

Cellmax wants to help reverse this trend. We provide people with the means to grow their own flowers, vegetables and fruits successfully – even in suboptimal conditions. Experience the joy of producing locally and taking an active part in the entire growth process: from soil to plate. Growing in pots and on balconies. On waste land and rooftops. On small patches, allotments and in communal gardens. Green starts with an idea.

“The place that needs you most, might just be your own backyard.”

Cellmax strongly believes that this decentralised way of growing crops is the only way to create a sustainable food production for our next generations. And even better – producing your own fruits and vegetables brings people together and builds stronger communities.

Growing your own food is not always easy, especially in cities where sun and good soil comes at a premium and green needs our help to grow. Our simple, high-quality product lines are specifically designed to yield maximum results in these challenging conditions.

The quest for the perfect blend
Cellmax was founded in 1996. We produce nutrients and substrates that help you grow crops with a high yield and amazing taste. For us, creating these products is as much an art form as it is for you growing your crops using them. We are obsessed with creating the perfect blend – the optimal combination of potting soil mixes, root boosters, flower stimulators and more that help you achieve maximum results.

We work closely with the best horticultural and agricultural laboratories in the Netherlands and have our own professional greenhouse. We continuously carry out intensive testing to discover where we can make improvements.