Cellmax has been a Dutch manufacturer of plant nutrients and substrates since 1996. This means that we have been making plant nutrients and substrates for over 20 years, Our products are manufactured under stringent requirements to guarantee the quality that Cellmax has been known for since 1996. Cellmax’s mission is to help growers around the world increase their crop yields through a simple, high-quality line of products.

Cellmax Nutrients

Our vision is to make society a better place and make cities greener with our products. Our company has gone through many changes since 1996. Cellmax began with only one hydroponic nutrient that was produced in a former dairy system. Many years have passed and we have now developed 19 products that are all freshly produced using a fully-equipped, high-tech production line. Our nutrients are always produced carefully and freshly. This means that you, the grower, always get the freshest and best quality plant nutrient. Creating a balanced plant nutrient is an extremely time consuming and intensive process. At Cellmax, we think it is important that our products can be absorbed as quickly as possible by the plant.

That is why our plant nutrients are not only made from NPK substances, but also from macro and micro elements. We also add our ingredients in chelate form so your plant can get working immediately and show excellent results. In addition to plant nutrients, Cellmax also produces high-quality substrates. Cellmax’s substrates do not contain sand like many other potting soils. Instead they are composed of high-quality varieties of peat, perlite, coco and hydro grains. We carefully buy these ingredients in bulk in order to safeguard the constant quality of our products. The Cellmax substrates Universal soil mix, CocoPro and organic pro are produced under the RHP Horticulture quality mark. This quality mark guarantees you, the end user, that the quality of the substrate has been approved for agriculture and horticulture from the extraction of the base product right up to when the substrate reaches your hands. At Cellmax, we have been focusing on the result since 1996 and that is exactly how our products have been developed!

We work closely with the best horticultural and agricultural laboratories in the Netherlands. Together we look regularly at ways of improving our products. Cellmax also has its own professional greenhouse. We carry out various tests on our products in this greenhouse to see where we can make improvements. Cellmax is a company with a no-nonsense attitude. This means that we try to work in the most efficient way possible. We believe that by keeping our workforce compact and not using expensive marketing campaigns or operating from expensive premises is how we can best serve you the customer. In the saturated plant-feed market, we believe in exclusive and long-term partners. You can see this by the fact that some Cellmax distributors have been regular customers for over 15 years and they have been growing every day with us. Johan Wolters, CEO, Cellmax Nutrients.