The benefits of Seaweed in plant fertilizers

Seaweed And Plants The relationship between plants and seaweed has always been well known commercially, however from a plant science perspective, the multiple benefits this natural growth hormone provides is kept quiet. Covered in this article is how seaweed and the plant world go hand in hand, to work together on a symbiotic level. What […]

What You Need To Know About Growing Indoors

Growing plants indoors allows a grower to really get hands on with their plants, by providing appropriate lighting, the right humidity, amount of air flow and extraction, correct lighting cycles, well fed plants and finally a good choice of genetics, growing indoors has never been so simple and effective. Whether you are growing fruit, vegetables […]

Growing better on soil

Mother Earth contains hundreds of nutriments. And what’s more, they come in all sorts. This explains why vegetation differs all over the world, ranging from arid to abundant. Naturally, this all depends on the availability of water. To be aware of that black soil is not a common thing on mother earth any more and […]

Cellmax 60/40 Substrate

Dear Grower, Because of the demand from the English Horticulture section for a special potting soil mix, Cellmax has developed a special substrate called 60/40. This growing medium exists of 2 elements 60% expanded natural clay pebbles and 40% natural Cocos fibers. This new product is in our range for over one year now. We […]

Elements in fertilizers

Dear Grower, In this post we want to explain more about plant fertilizers NPK ratio’s, micro elements and trace elements. There are actually three different kinds of plant fertilizers. These categories are the mineral plant fertilizers, the fully organic fertilizers and the semi mineral-organic fertilizers. The Cellmax fertilizers are the most in the organic mineral […]