Cocos Growing A high yield and sustainable cultivation!

The high yield is a result of the natural richness of coconut; it contains substances that stimulate the growth of your plants. Furthermore, coconut has a very high buffer capacity and allows for excellent regulation of the pH. Coco Growing is especially suited to experienced growers.

Cellmax Coco Growing sfeer

Cellmax Coco Grow & Coco Bloom

The Cellmax Coco nutrient formula consists of two components: an X component and a Y component, which encourage both growth and flowering. The Cellmax coconut nutrient is used during the entire growth and flowering process. It ensures that plants grow rapidly and flower abundantly. Cellmax Coco has been specially developed for use on 100% natural coconut substrates and is made from coconut shell. It is easy to use, gives a high-quality end result and is free from toxic ballast substances.

This coconut nutrient works best when combined with Cellmax Coco pro-substrates.

Please note:
do not mix components X and Y directly with one another! For the best result, first dissolve one component in water and then the other.

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Download the cultivation chart for cultivation using Cellmax’s (Coco) Nutrients

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Coco Growing

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