Next to base fertilizers you may also want to improve your plants with special additives. The Cellmax additives for plant growing are proven recipes for more then 20 years to boost your plant preformance

Cellmax Rootbooster

The development of plant roots is very important for the end result of the crop. Cellmax Rootbooster increases resistance and reduces the risk of diseases. When repotting (transplanting) and pruning, the plant’s resistance reduces significantly. During these phases, Cellmax Rootbooster maintains the level of resistance and protects the plant, so that growth can continue smoothly.
Cellmax Rootbooster is rich in organic trace elements and vitamins and has a vitalising effect on plants. Use Cellmax Rootbooster on young plants in particular and when repotting. This allows the roots to continue developing properly and the plant to continue taking root.

With Cellmax Rootbooster, plants stay healthy and strong.
Cellmax Rootbooster is administered with rainwater and in the event that few roots develop, it can also be sprayed directly onto the plant.

Result: improves resistance and ensures a strong root system.

Cellmax Allzymes

Cellmax Allzymes is the successor to the Cellmax Super Enzyme. This renewed product is a Highly concentrated enzyme preparation developped by Cellmax. This product has an increased shelf life due to its high concentration and gives the end user the guarantee of active elements.  Allzymes contains: Active Cellulases and Pectinases Enzyme complexes.The active enzymes in this product will stimulate the micro life and regulates the degradation of dead organic material in the substrate. By breaking down the dead organic material, usefull sugars, nutrients and proteins are made available for the plant. Cellmax Allzymes is a unique blend enriched with vitamins, phosphorus, potassium and extracts from cacti to activate the natural resistance of the plants. Directions for use: Shake well before use. Dilution ratio (1:1000) 1ml to 1 liter of water.

Guideline for growing: We recommend to add Allzymes continuously to your nutrient solution from the 4th week onwards. Guideline for rinsing substrate: When using older (untreated) substrates, double dosage.. Do not use this product with hydrogen peroxide. Note: This new formula contains a higher EC value than the previous recipe of Cellmax Super enzyme!

Result: improves the absorption of nutrients.

Cellmax PK Booster

Cellmax PK booster is a high-quality phosphor-potassium product that encourages the development of plant fruits during the flowering phase. Adequate phosphor is necessary for fruits to develop properly, and a large quantity of potassium is necessary for transporting nutrients. The main job of potassium is to maintain the cell pressure and cell size of plants. Potassium also affects photosynthesis, the energy that the cells produce and the absorption of carbon dioxide, which is why flowering plants require large quantities in order to survive.

Cellmax PK Booster has the purest composition of phosphor and potassium, guaranteeing that nutrients are absorbed quickly.
Result: strong plants that develop more fruit.

Cellmax Alga-Max

Cellmax Alga-Max is a perfectly balanced organic bloom booster for annual flowering and fruitbearing crops. Alga-Max is a product based on freshly ground sea-algea. As result, Alga-Max contains bio-active substances of natural origin. This product is also rich in plant absorbable phosphate and potassium. Feeding your plants with Alga-Max ensures healthier plants with an exuberant flowering and rich fruit formation. It also strengthens the moisture balance of the plant, improves bud formation and reduces the effects of abiotic stress, is suitable for automatic irrigation systems.Directions for use: Shake well before use. Dilution ratio:1 ml to 1 liter of water. Alga-Max is plant based and suitable for any growing style and medium. Guideline: Apply to plants in the flowering phase for 1-4 times per week until two weeks before harvest. Usage: Do not keep nutrient solution for longer than 4-7 days.

Result: Healthier plants and rich fruit formation

Cellmax Flowerstimulator

Cellmax Flowerstimulator is a bloom booster that has been specially developed by Cellmax for the flowering phase of the plant. It ensures abundant flowering and that the fruits of quick-growing plants are wonderfully sweet in flavour.
Cellmax Flowerstimulator contains natural bloom boosters and bloom regulators, which guarantee that the fruits of all plants develop more fully.

It improves the absorption of nutrients and encourages photosynthesis; the plant bears more fruit and deals with the available fertilisers more efficiently.
Result: greater yield and more flavour.

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