Cellmax 60/40 Hydro-Coco mix.

Cellmax has developed an ideal substrate that combines the properties of coconut with those of natural clay pebbles. The result is a very airy substrate with the ideal water-air ratio for growing plants in pots and recirculating systems. The substrate drains extremely quickly. Cellmax coconut fibres ensure buffering capacity while clay pebbles give the substrate a unique airiness, making it ideal for the root system and thus providing excellent growing and flowering conditions for plants.

Instructions for use:
The Cellmax 60/40 mix does not hold water for a long period of time like potting soils/types of peat and therefore watering/feeding must be carried out regularly.
Saturate the whole of the substrate the first time you use it.
Cellmax recommends flushing the substrate regularly in order to prevent the build-up of salts/waste substances. You can use Cellmax Superenzyme for flushing or continually add it to your nutrient solution. Cellmax recommends a pH value of 5.4-6.5 and an EC value of 1.0-2.5. The 60/40 mix is ideal for cultivating fast-growing plants. The Cellmax 60/40 mix is ideally suitable for cultivating young plants and cuttings. Achieve excellent results using Cellmax Coco fertilizer, Cellmax Rootbooster and Superenzyme. This packaging is 100% recyclable.

The result: very good growing and flowering conditions and an excellent root system.

Hydro Growing 60/40
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Download the cultivation chart for cultivation using Cellmax’s (Hydro) Nutrients

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