Hydro Growing the highest possible yield per square meter!

When decide to start growing in Hydro culture you can consider yourself a professional grower with a technical mind. To successful grow in Hydro, you
need to have pH and EC/PPM measurement
tools. Also pH correction liquids may be necessary to affect your pH levels to the preferable values.
Because there is no buffering capability in Hydro, there is also no room for mistakes.

With Hydro Growing you can perfectly regulate the pH and EC value thanks to the measuring instruments you apply. In this way of growing, you work directly with the plant roots, so that everything you add has a direct effect on your plants.

Growers usually grow with hydro nutrients on mineral wool, expanded clay pebbles, ebb and flow systems, DWC or NFT systems.

Cellmax has also developed a substrate that is highly suitable for hydroponics: The Cellmax 60/40 mix. This is a mix of coco and clay pebbles and provides an excellent water/air ratio.

Cellmax Hydro Grow & Hydro Bloom

When you are growing in a hydroponics system, your substrate does not contain any nutrients, therefore its important to use fertilizers all the time until the harvest phase. Your substrate does normally not contain any nutrients, therefore its important to use fertilizers all the time until the harvest.To achieve the best results we advise you to use fertilizers 2-4 times per week.

The Cellmax Hydro nutrient formula consists of two products: Cellmax Hydro Grow that is designed and balanced for the vegatative stage and Cellmax Hydro Bloom that is designed and balanced for the flowering stage. These products both exist as an X component and a Y component.

In spite of the exposure of irrigation water to light and air, additional attention is paid to these products in order to keep the pH level stable. Cellmax Hydro-Grow & Bloom is very user-friendly, ensures a beautiful end result and is free from toxic ballast substances.

The Cellmax Hydro fertilizers are used during the entire growth and flowering process. It ensures that plants grow rapidly and flower abundantly. Cellmax Hydro has been specially developed for growing on mineral wool, Claypebbles, NFT and Run-to-waste systems.

Please note:
Do not mix components X and Y directly with one another! For the best result, first dissolve one component in water and then the other.

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