You consciously choose natural products because they help you achieve a good result without burdening the environment.

Another advantage is that the use of organic Nutrients and supplements in cultivation means that you achieve a lovely sweet taste of the end product. After all, Organic Growing is the only right choice for starting growers. There are two reasons for this: cultivation on soil requires less of an investment and is easier, because you do not need measuring instruments. Our 100% Organic lightmix Substrate is particularly suitable for the organic style of cultivation. This organic soil consists of 100% organic ingredients and comes with enough organic fertilisers for the first 4 weeks!

When your growing the organic way you can use our special organic additives: Generate explosive root development with our Root Booster or alter the taste of your crop using our Flower Stimulator!

cellmax organic growing sfeer

Cellmax Organic Grow & Bloom

Cellmax organic Grow and Bloom have been specially developed by Cellmax for optimum growing and flowering results. The conscious decision was taken to only use natural raw materials. Not only do these products contain Organic NPK nutrients, but also contain trace elements. Cellmax Organic consists of one component Organic Growth nutrient with a NK ratio of 3-4, and a one component Organic Bloom nutrient with a NPK ratio of 3-2-5 and is very user friendly. These nutrients can be used on all kinds of earth and potting soil substrates. It is also suitable for hydroponic systems such as NFT, expanded claypebbles and Run-to-wastesystems. These products are free from Plant Growth Regulators(PG’Rs)

The Cellmax Organic line ensures a high-quality end product,with minimal efforts and remain still 100% effective.

cellmax organic growing grow and bloom
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Download the cultivation chart for cultivation using Cellmax’s (Organic) Nutrients

Organic Growing

Naturally – starting-out grower, simplicity, good yield, perfect taste, environmentally friendly, indoor & outdoor

Hydro Growing

High Yield – experienced grower , pH & EC control, NFT,DWC-Drip-systems, two part, excellent results, Indoor

Coco Growing

Sustainable – conscious grower, reuse, buffer capacity, water/air ratio, perfectly manageable, indoor and outdoor

Terra Growing

Effortless, easy grower – balanced N-P-K, one component, mineral nutrient, stable pH, indoor & outdoor