Next to base fertilizers you may want to improve your plants with special additives. The Cellmax additives for plant growing are proven recipes for more then 20 years to boost your plant preformance

Cellmax BIO 8-2-2

CelThis complete organic plant nutrient is unique because of its high organic nitrogen value. By using only vegetable ingredients and ferments, this product is very rich in natural sugars, amino acids and trace elements that strengthen soil life and bacteria.This product provides powerful and healthy plant growth and strengthens soil life. This product can also be used for plants that suffer from a nitrogen deficiency. Because this product is 100% natural and therefore low in salts, the risk of over fertilization is reduced.

The result: a perfect source for organic nitrogen

Cellmax BIO-Rootbooster

Cellmax BIO Rootbooster is a 100% organic certified root stimulator derived from i.a.algae extracts. This product ensures an explosive root growth, obtain more root hairs, this results in a better uptake of available nutrients from the substrate which will result in stronger and healthier plants.

BIO Rootbooster also helps to reduce plant stress when repotting and reduces the risk of diseases. Cellmax Bio Rootbooster is rich in organic trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and has a vitalizing effect on plants.

Directions for use: shake well before use. Dilution ratio (1:250) 4 ml to 1 liter of water. BIO Root booster is plant based and suitable for any growing style and medium and can also be sprayed directly on leaves.

When using this product as spray, we recommend a dosage of (1:500) 2ml to 1 liter of water.

BIO Rootbooster increases pH, adjust pH after BIO Rootbooster is added to nutrient mixture.

The result: a perfect start and organic Roots.

Cellmax Allzymes

Cellmax Allzymes is the succesor to Cellmax Super Enzyme.This renewed product is a Highly concentrated enzyme preparation that has been specially developed by Cellmax. Because of the concentration this product is increased in shelf life and gives the end user a guarantee of active elements.

This product contains: Active Cellulases and Pectinases Enzyme complexes.The active enzymes in this product supports stimulation of micro life and regulates the degradation of dead organic material in the substrate.By breaking down the dead organic material, usefull sugars, nutrients and proteins are made available for the plant and keeps the substrate clean.

Cellmax Allzymes is a unique blend enriched with vitamins, phosphorus, potassium and extracts of desert plants.

Dilution ratio (1:1000) 1ml to 1 liter of water. Allzymes is suitable for any growing style and medium.

Cellmax Flowerstimulator

Flowerstimulator is a bloom booster that has been specially developed by Cellmax for the flowering phase of the plant. It ensures abundant flowering and that the fruits of quick-growing plants are wonderfully sweet in flavour.

Cellmax Flowerstimulator contains natural bloom boosters and bloom regulators, which guarantee that the fruits of all plants develop more fully. It improves the absorption of nutrients and encourages photosynthesis; the plant bears more fruit and deals with the available fertilisers more efficiently.

Result: greater yield and more flavour.

Cellmax CalSiMag

This 100% natural plant spray is composed of the purest sources of Calcium, Magnesium and Silicon from micronized algae rock. By a unique process we were able to make the ingredients extremely fine in structure, measuring only 7 microns in size. The small particles are positively charged and can be quickly and easily absorbed by the negatively charged leaf tissue of the plant.

Result: Quick absorbtion of Organic sourced Calcium and Magnesium

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Download the Grow Guide for cultivation using Cellmax’s BIO Nutrients

Effortless, easy grower – balanced N-P-K, one component, mineral nutrient, stable pH, indoor & outdoor

Naturally – starting-out grower, simplicity, good yield, perfect taste, environmentally friendly, indoor & outdoor

Sustainable – conscious grower, reuse, buffer capacity, water/air ratio, perfectly manageable, indoor and outdoor

High Yield – experienced grower , pH & EC control, NFT,DWC-Drip-systems, two part, excellent results, Indoor