The new Cellmax bio potting soil is one of the most sustainable potting soils ever made. This potting soil has been developed with sustainability as a starting point without sacrificing great results. All ingredients are carefully selected from the best sources and therefore we can proudly say that this potting soil mixture, is one of the first to consist of more than 50% renewable raw materials. This unique potting soil blend consists of: controlled bark-compost, green-compost, untreated coconut fibre, certified wood fibres, fermented peat plants, natural minerals and a minimum peat content.

In addition to these basic raw materials, Cellmax BIO potting soil is enriched with:

  • 100% Vegetable fertilizers for 4-6 weeks
  • Fulvic and Humic a natural byproduct extracted from drinking water.
  • Organic soil improver, as a residual product from the wine industry.
  • Biostimulants
  • Natural Rock Powder & Rockphosphate
  • Seaweed lime

The Cellmax Bio Potting soil has been specially certified by Control Union, a worldwide organisation that carries out inspections in the fi eld of organic agriculture and horticulture. This makes this potting soil extremely suitable for organic cultivation or as an addition to any growing environment. This mixture has also been extensively tested by laboratories and testers and has been found to be particu-larly suitable for fast-growing crops, herbs, vegetables and fruit. It is also suitable for fl owers and tropical plants. Additionally, this potting soil contains the quality mark for good soil and is provided with the RHP quality mark for Horticulture and Consumers. By approving this potting soil in this way you can be 100% sure of a fair and clean end product.


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Effortless, easy grower – balanced N-P-K, one component, mineral nutrient, stable pH, indoor & outdoor

Naturally – starting-out grower, simplicity, good yield, perfect taste, environmentally friendly, indoor & outdoor

Sustainable – conscious grower, reuse, buffer capacity, water/air ratio, perfectly manageable, indoor and outdoor

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