Cellmax -Organic Lightmix substrate. Pre-fertilized.

Cellmax Organic – Pro: The 100% organic potting soil mix which consists of the best types of peat and coconut fibres, has an excellent water-air ratio for a healthy root system. Cellmax Organic Pro is pre-fertilized with 100% organic fertilizers for the first 3-4 weeks of plant growth. These organic nutrient elements are gradually released through the soil life. The formation of humus allows for better rooting and less leaching. The soft organic fertilizing in this soil is very suitable for young and sensitive roots. After 5 weeks you can excellent boost the blooming period with the Cellmax Organic Bloom fertilizer. This substrate is Ideally suitable for many types of vegetables and other fast-growing plants. Suitable for growing plants in pots or for use as a soil supplement. Very good results when used in conjunction with other organic Cellmax nutrients like: Cellmax Organic Bloom, Rootbooster and Flowerstimulator. This packaging is 100% recyclable.

The result: a perfect start and organic yields.
Composition: 15% cocos fibre ,20% garden peat, 65% sphagnum peat, organic fertilizers

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Effortless, easy grower – balanced N-P-K, one component, mineral nutrient, stable pH, indoor & outdoor

Naturally – starting-out grower, simplicity, good yield, perfect taste, environmentally friendly, indoor & outdoor

Sustainable – conscious grower, reuse, buffer capacity, water/air ratio, perfectly manageable, indoor and outdoor

High Yield – experienced grower , pH & EC control, NFT,DWC-Drip-systems, two part, excellent results, Indoor