Cellmax BIO Soil Mix

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Want to Grow Organic & Sustainable? It is now possible with the Cellmax BIO soil mix, the ideal start for every organic cultivation!

The new Cellmax bio potting soil is one of the most sustainable potting soils ever made. This potting soil has been developed with sustainability as a starting point without sacrificing great results. All ingredients are carefully selected from the best sources and therefore we can proudly say that this potting soil mixture, is one of the first to consist of more than 50% renewable raw materials. This unique potting soil blend consists of: controlled bark-compost, green-compost, untreated coconut fibre, certified wood fibres, fermented peat plants, natural minerals and a minimum peat content.

Special deal in June: 100ml Cellmax 8-2-2 free per BIO Soil Order!

Cellmax BIO Soil Mix