Cellmax Hydrobloom X&Y

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Cellmax Hydro Bloom is a concentrated two component liquid fertilizer designed for Hydroponics. Cellmax Hydro bloom is a specially developed nutrient which adjusts the EC-level of the tap water to use with hydroponics. With Hydro Bloom the plant always receives the optimum proportions of nutrients to make your plants strong and stimulates the fruit development. Hydro Bloom is a two part mixture (X and Y) for the Bloom phase and contains all the trace elements necessary for exceptional results.

Cellmax Hydro Bloom is suitable for all the common hydroponic systems like: NFT,Run-to-waste systems, dutch buckets, deep water culture and Aeroponics.

The result: Maximum yield & Abundant blooming

NPK: 4-3-7

Cellmax Hydrobloom X&Y