Terra Growing, Easy growing and immediate results!

Easily grow on potting soil with the renowned Cellmax Universal Soil substrate. This substrate has been specially developed by Cellmax and contains the best types of peat. It contains all of the nutrients needed by the plant for the first 6 weeks of growth. All you need to do is water!

The pH value remains almost constant throughout the cycle and after the first 6 weeks, you can easily add the Cellmax single component nutrients Earth Grow and Earth Bloom to the mix. These mineral-based nutrients have been developed so that you see results from the very first drop.

cellmax terra growing sfeer


Cellmax Earth Mix is thé one component mineral liquid fertilizer concentrate developed with the view to fast result. Earth Grow Mix is a one component soil nutrition especially for fast growing plants and vegetables, it contains directly admissible nitrogen, which is necessary for the growth of your plant. Earth Bloom Mix is a one component soil nutrition especially for the bloom phase, with extra phosphorus and potassium. Cellmax has developed these products with a sophisticated N.P.K-balance for fast growing plants, which grow on soil.

The Cellmax earth mixes are suitable for indoor growing and outdoor growing. The Cellmax Earth mixes work the best with Cellmax Universal Soil but they also work great on all other kinds of soil.
Result: Rapidly absorbed by your plant, Easy to use.

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Download the cultivation chart for cultivation using Cellmax’s (Terra) Nutrients

Effortless, easy grower – balanced N-P-K, one component, mineral nutrient, stable pH, indoor & outdoor

Naturally – starting-out grower, simplicity, good yield, perfect taste, environmentally friendly, indoor & outdoor

Sustainable – conscious grower, reuse, buffer capacity, water/air ratio, perfectly manageable, indoor and outdoor

High Yield – experienced grower , pH & EC control, NFT,DWC-Drip-systems, two part, excellent results, Indoor