Potting soil

Potting soil is used for growing plants. Most potting soils contain fertilizers, which allow plants to grow in potting soil for the first few weeks without additional fertilizer. What you may not know is that animal waste products are added to almost all potting soils as fertilizer. We do this completely differently at Cellmax. Cellmax guarantees that no animal raw materials are used for all products. We like that better.

Organic potting soil

Organic potting soil

Cellmax Bio potting soil is one of the most sustainable potting soils ever made. In addition, it is also certified organic and vegan. This unique potting soil is made from raw materials from controlled production such as bark compost, green compost, untreated coconut, wood fibers and natural minerals. It contains only a minimal content of sphagnum peat. Our Bio potting soil is used by professional growers and the serious home grower.

Perfect for organic and sustainable cultivation with top quality end results.

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Terra Soil Mix

Terra potting soils are universally applicable potting soils made from 100% natural raw materials. Terra is versatile and quick and easy to use.

There are two types of Terra potting soil. The universal mix can be used for almost anything and will always deliver an excellent result due to the added fertilizers. The light mix has no added fertilizers. This is often better for germinating seeds. The light mix is also ideal if you want to have full control over the fertilization.

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A substrate is an artificial soil for plants that gives firmness to the roots. Because substrates do not contain nutrients, they are added from the beginning of the cultivation process. Substrates can be made from all kinds of materials, often also from non-natural materials such as rock wool. Cellmax substrates are actually made from natural materials such as coconut and clay.


Our Coco mixes are made from coconut husks. They are 100% peat-free and reusable products. Strictly speaking, they are substrates, but because they are very similar to potting soil in use, they are often simply referred to as potting soil.

Coconut retains water well and therefore has a good buffering capacity: nutrients are gradually absorbed. You can choose from two types of Coco mix: the standard mix and the mix with perlite. The latter has an extra airy structure, which ensures a perfect water balance and more oxygen for the roots.

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Substrate for hydroponics

Cellmax has developed a substrate for hydroponics based on coconut and clay granules. In contrast to many other hydroponic systems, this substrate is easy to use and has minimal impact on the environment. The coconut fibers in this 60/40 + mix provide a buffering capacity, while the clay granules give the substrate a unique airiness, making it ideal for the root system and providing excellent growing and flowering conditions for plants. The product is suitable for professional use, gives high yields and is also perfectly reusable.

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