Cellmax Terra. Professional potting soil for everyone.

Universal potting soils and easy-to-use fertilizers. With Terra you can go in all directions. Suitable for almost all plants, indoors and outdoors.

Easy and fast to use

Terra is a line of potting soils and fertilisers with excellent growing properties for growth and flowering. Terra is widely applicable and quick and easy to use. The universal product line in which making mistakes is virtually impossible. This offers certainty to professionals, but is therefore also ideal for anyone who wants to start growing, without making concessions on quality.

Terra potting soils have a stable pH value. So you never have to measure or adjust the pH values. This potting soil also functions as a buffer for nutrients, so that the chance of over-fertilisation is minimal. The soil is suitable for pots, containers, in the greenhouse or as an addition to cultivation in the open air.

There are two types of Terra potting soil. The universal mix can be used for almost everything and will always give a good result due to the added fertilisers. The light mix has no added fertilizers. This is ideal for letting seeds germinate. After all, seeds already have all the nutrients they need for their first germination. The light mix is also ideal if you want to have complete control over fertilisation.

Terra Universal Mix 50L

Terra is a universal potting soil made from the best types of peat, perlite and fertilisers. It guarantees rapid growth and strong development of your plants.

Also available on a pallet with 30 or 60 bags of 50 liters.

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Terra Light Mix 50L

Universal potting soil made from the best types of peat and perlite, but with minimal fertilisation. This way you decide how to fertilise your plants.

Also available on a pallet with 30 or 60 bags of 50 liters.

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Terra fertilizer for use on potting soil

Whether you grow in pots, trays or in the open ground, you can easily fertilize with the Terra products. Cellmax Terra mixes are so-called one-component liquid mineral fertilizers. These fertilizers give quick results. You get strong plants, beautiful green leaves and lots of flowers and fruits. There are two mixes. One for the growth phase and one for the flowering and fruiting phase of your plants. When you use this mix with every watering, you are sure of good results.

Terra Grow Mix

Use Cellmax Terra Grow Mix for growing plants. This will give you a sturdy plant that can bear many flowers or fruits.

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Terra Bloom Mix

The ideal addition during the flowering phase. So also when your plants are bearing fruit. Ensures many and full fruits.

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Additives suitable for Terra

Additives are additions that you use in addition to fertilizers for optimal growth and flowering of plants. Additions often have a specific function, such as stimulating root growth or improving soil life.

The Cellmax general purpose additives have an excellent reputation for over 20 years. You can use them with all potting soils, substrates and on the open ground. Would you rather use biological additives? Then choose organic additives from our Bio line.

Cellmax Rootbooster 250ml

Root stimulator for healthy growth of the roots in the initial phase of your plant. A larger root mass, more hair roots and root tips ensure better resistance and vigorous growth.

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Cellmax Alga-Max

A balanced biological bloom booster from sea algae. Rich in bio-active substances. For annual flowering and fruit-bearing crops.

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Cellmax Flowerstimulator

This natural food supplement improves the absorption of nutrients during the flowering phase. For abundant flowers and full fruits.

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Cellmax Allzymes

Converts dead organic matter into useful nutrients. With vitamins and cactus extracts for an active soil life and a higher resistance.

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Want to know more about growing with Terra? Then download our growing schedule for Terra growing below

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