High yields with hydroponic cultivation

Hydroponics is a professional growing method. It gives high yields due to full control over nutrition and growth. Due to minimal maintenance, it is also widely used in office buildings.

High yields with hydroponic cultivation

With hydroponics, no potting soil is used. The plants are fed by water, to which the necessary nutrients are added. Hydroponics is being applied more and more. By professional growers because of the high yield per square meter. In offices, plants are often put on hydroponics because of the low maintenance. But also on a small scale, you can achieve beautiful results with hydroponics - even in the living room.

Hydroponics can be compared to letting cuttings take root in a vase of water. The difference is that you do not plant the roots of the plant in soil afterwards, but keep them in the water. In this way you can use the water to give nutrients to the plant. Depending on the growth or flowering stage of your plant, you adjust the nutrients. In this way you ensure that your plant gets exactly what it needs to flower or bear fruit.

Hydroponic cultivation uses various techniques, such as rock wool, clay granules, Nutrient Film Techniques or ebb and flow systems. Cellmax has developed a simple solution to hydroponic cultivation using coconut fibre and clay granules. The coconut fibre provides a buffering capacity, while the clay pebbles give the substrate the necessary airiness. This 60/40 mix is ideal for the root system and provides excellent growing and flowering conditions for plants.

Hydro 60/40+ Mix 50L

Achieve the highest yield with this substrate for hydroponics. For an excellent root system and the best growing and flowering conditions.

Also available on a pallet with 30 or 60 bags of 50 liters.

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Cellmax Hydro Grow & Hydro Bloom

When you are growing in a hydroponic system, your growing medium (such as Cellmax 60/40 Mix) does not contain any nutrients for the plant. This is why you use special nutrients for hydroponics until the plant is harvested.

Cellmax offers two plant nutrients for hydroponic cultivation: Hydro Grow for the growth phase and Hydro Bloom for the flowering and fruiting phase. Cellmax Hydro plant nutrients are used 2 - 4 times per week. Cellmax Hydro is specifically designed for cultivation on mineral wool, clay granules, NFT and Run-to-Waste systems.

Cellmax Hydro-Grow and Hydro-Bloom are user-friendly and ensure a beautiful end result. In addition, the products are free of toxic ballast substances.

Cellmax Hydro Grow

Two-component fertilizer for the growth phase on hydroponics. Everything for a healthy and strong plant.

This fertilizer consists of two components - X and Y - which are supplied in two bottles, which are mixed just before use. The price shown is for a set of 2 bottles.

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Cellmax Hydro Bloom

Two-component fertilizer for the fruit-bearing phase in hydroponics. For abundant flowering and many fruits.

This fertilizer consists of two components - X and Y - which are supplied in two bottles, which are mixed just before use. The price shown is for a set of 2 bottles.

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Additives suitable for Hydro

In addition to Hydro Grow and Hydro Bloom, you can use Cellmax additives to optimally stimulate the development of your plants.

De Cellmax additieven voor algemeen gebruik hebben ruim 20 jaar een uitstekende reputatie. Je kunt ze gebruiken bij alle potgronden, substraten en op de volle grond. Ze zijn uitstekend geschikt voor het bereiken van optimale opbrengsten bij hydrocultuur. Wil je liever biologische additieven gebruiken? Kies dan voor organic additives from our Bio line.

Cellmax Rootbooster

Root stimulator for healthy growth of the roots in the initial phase of your plant. A larger root mass, more hair roots and root tips ensure better resistance and vigorous growth.

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Cellmax Allzymes

Converts dead organic matter into useful nutrients. With vitamins and cactus extracts for an active soil life and a higher resistance.

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Cellmax Flowerstimulator

This natural food supplement improves the absorption of nutrients during the flowering phase. For abundant flowers and full fruits.

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Cellmax PK-Booster

Cellmax PK booster is a concentrated liquid phosphorus and potassium booster for the development of flowers and fruit. This powerful product guarantees a higher yield, bigger fruits and stronger plants.

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Adjusting the acidity

Because there is no buffer in hydroponics - as there is in growing in potting soil - you work directly on the roots of your plants. Everything you add to the water has a direct effect on the plant. That is why it is important to keep a close eye on the acid and electrical conductivity values (pH and EC) of the water with a pH and EC meter. It is easy to maintain these values with Cellmax pH and EC correcting fluids.

Cellmax PH+

Cellmax pH+ is a professional pH regulator for increasing the pH value of the nutrient solution.

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Cellmax PH- Grow

Cellmax pH- Grow is a professional pH regulator for lowering the pH value of the nutrient solution during the growth period.

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Cellmax pH- Bloom

Cellmax pH- Bloom is a professional pH regulator to lower the pH level of the nutrient solution during the flowering period.

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