Four product lines

Cellmax has four product lines. Each line is carefully tailored to the nutrient medium you want to use for your plants. Bio and Terra are based on potting soils, each with its own specific composition. With Coco you use coconut fibers, whether or not supplemented with perlite. Hydro is especially for hydroponics, with a substrate of baked clay granules and coconut fibres.

Every product line has nutrients in the program that exactly match the potting soils or substrates you use. This way you can easily choose the products you need for a certain way of growing.

Cellmax Bio

With Cellmax Bio you are assured of 100% certified organic and vegetable products. Nice and handy if you want to grow organically at home. Perfect for organic growers, because Cellmax Bio is certified by Control Union and meets all European standards for organic agriculture and horticulture.

In addition to the potting soil, the Bio line also contains all nutrients for the growth and flowering phase of your plants, a root stimulator, foliar spray and nutrients for a healthy soil life.

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Cellmax Terra

Cellmax Terra is a universal product line with which you can grow almost all plants, vegetables, shrubs and trees with peace of mind.

Terra products are easy to use and are therefore a good choice for novice growers. Experienced growers choose Terra because this product line is universal: it can be widely used for almost all plants and gives excellent results.

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Cellmax Coco

The great thing about growing on coco is that you can use water sparingly. Cellmax Coco potting soil is 100% peat-free and reusable. In short: with Coco you choose sustainable.

Coconut holds water well. It therefore has exactly the right buffer properties and is easy to control. In combination with smartly chosen nutrients, Coco can help you achieve high yields.

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Cellmax Hydro

Hydro is Cellmax' most advanced line. With hydroponics, you feed the plant directly through the water, which means you can get extra high yields. With Cellmax Hydro you have a professional line where the process is scalable, clear and easy to adjust.

Hydro is ideally suited for the experienced and inquisitive grower. It is used in larger projects where reliable yields are important. Hydro works cleanly and is therefore ideal on a more compact scale for laboratory, greenhouse or home cultivation.

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Get more out of your plants

With additives you get even better results than with fertilizers alone. You can use additives with all potting soils, substrates and on the open ground. With over 20 years of experience, these products have an excellent reputation and guarantee strong plants and high yields.

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Combining product lines

The product lines make it easy to choose the right products. The products from the different product lines are often easy to combine with each other. For example, you can also use the Bio root stimulator with Terra potting soils.

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