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The best care for your plants

Plants need different nutrients throughout their life cycle. Of course you want to tailor nutrients exactly to the needs of your plants. With Cellmax you can set this up quickly, easily and properly. You can choose different growing techniques from various product lines. This way you grow completely in your own way. Always with the best and purest raw materials.

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Manufactured by professionals

Cellmax works closely with experienced growers and scientists. In this way we continuously improve our products with knowledge from daily practice. So everyone can grow like a pro. With the best result for your plants.

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Growing on any scale

Cellmax brings professional cultivation within everyone's reach. Whether you are growing in pots at home, on your roof terrace, in the vegetable garden or in a field, Cellmax offers everything you need for fantastic yields. Such as in this food garden, an Urban Farming project where fruit and vegetables are grown all year round.


Make it green. Make it grow.

We like to see the world go green. Cellmax always offers the best solution for every plant in every situation. Indoors, in your greenhouse and outdoors.

Discover our products

Four product lines

With the four Cellmax product lines you can grow exactly the way you want. All product lines are focused on sustainability and growing with high yields. Choose a line that suits you best and you can start right away.

100% vegetable

Did you know that animal waste is added to almost all potting soils and fertilizers? We do that differently at Cellmax. All our products are 100% purely vegetable. This way you always make a conscious and sustainable choice with Cellmax products.

Culinary Roof Garden in London

For a 100% organic culinary roof garden in the heart of London, the owner opted for the Cellmax Bio line.

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International projects

The Netherlands scores high in agriculture and horticulture. That is why international customers come to Cellmax. Not only from Europe, the US and Canada, but even from Tahiti. Young palm trees are grown there on Cellmax's unique Terra potting soil. The result: healthier and stronger trees than on other soil.

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Practice-oriented research

Pamel Test Center in Belgium invited Cellmax to collaborate in their research project into 100% organic raspberry cultivation.

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Cellmax substrates

Get started

Cellmax products are ready to use. Inside and outside. We are happy to help you choose the right products. We have special products for successful germination of seeds and for stimulating healthy root growth. But you can also choose from specially developed nutrients for the growth and flowering phase of your plants.

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Dry and clean

Cellmax potting soils are natural products, specially packaged to maintain the correct moisture level. When shipping, we provide sturdy, dry boxes. This way your products always arrive in excellent condition.


All prices include transport

Our prices always include shipping costs. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience with transport and logistics. This allows us to deliver large and small orders quickly and cost-effectively.

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