How do you want to grow?


The easiest choice

Balanced N-P-K, mineral nutrient, Indoor and outdoor. Perfect for starting growers


Environmentally the best choice

Good yield, perfect taste, Indoor and outdoor. For all growers


For the environmentally conscious

Reusable, buffer capacity, water/air ratio Indoor/outdoor For intermediate growers


For the highest yield per square meter

pH/Ec control. NFT, DWC-Drip-systems, For indoor use, For experienced growers

More growers are discovering the powerful properties of our products. Are you interested in our products?

Grow where you are with Cellmax Nutrients

This video shows how Cellmax sees the world as it is now and in the future. Earth, as we currently know it, is becoming increasingly built-up and healthy green areas are disappearing from our large cities.

Cellmax sees opportunities here and is anticipating a major contemporary trend: Urban Farming Through indoor growing, Urban Farming lets you supply yourself and your friends and neighbours with your own fruit and vegetables throughout the year. It is not always straightforward to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Cellmax products help you with this.

For instance, you can promote explosive root development with our Root Booster or alter the taste of your crop using our Flower Stimulator. You will get the best out of your crop with our growth and bloom products. Whether you want to grow organically or using mineral-based nutrients, on coco, soil, DWC or NFT. Cellmax offers the ideal solution for every grower.

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