Grow where you are

Cellmax Nutrients stands for sustainable food supply. Everywhere. Not only on land and in the vegetable garden, but also in city gardens, on roof terraces and indoors. Unfortunately, the conditions for growing and blooming are far from optimal everywhere: healthy greenery cannot (any longer) survive on its own in many places. With the products of Cellmax you increase the chances of getting from seeds to healthy herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Cellmax offers four product lines that help your plants to fully grow and flower. High quality products for conscious people. For those who love greenery and take the time for healthy plants. For people who want to know where their food comes from. By growing hydro, sustainable, organic or vegan yourself, you get full control over the quality and 'honesty' of your growing process. This way you can be really proud of your beautiful harvest and enjoy the good taste of your own products.

Over the past 20 years, Cellmax, in collaboration with specialists and scientists, has shown that sustainable and 100% certified organic cultivation can go hand in hand with a high crop yield. Cellmax offers all products for this. But we don't focus on 'bio'. We look at all aspects of sustainability such as transport, water consumption, peat and peat consumption and reuse of raw materials.

Our motto 'Grow where you are' is clear: bring greenery back to where you are. Wherever you are, no matter how good or bad the conditions are, with Cellmax you can always keep your plants growing and thriving.

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