Terra Bloom Mix

The ideal addition during the flowering phase. So also when your plants are bearing fruit. Ensures many and full fruits.

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Cellmax Terra Bloom Mix is a concentrated, one component, liquid soil fertilizer especially for blooming plants which are grown in potting soil. This product contains directly admissible phosphorus and potassium, which is extremely necessary for flowering plants. The balance of macro and micro elements in Terra bloom mix will accelerate the production and size of flowers and fruits in your plant. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use.

Terra Grow Mix ensures rapid absorption of fertilizers by your plant and is easy to use.

NPK: 2-2-6


We are therefore transparent about how we make our products. You can read the complete composition of all products on the packaging. This way you know exactly what you are growing and what you are eating.

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  • 17 reviews

    1. Mirjam

      Fantastastisch product! Mijn planten leefden er zo van op! Eén plant begon na drie jaar weer volop te bloeien. En je vergeet de voeding niet omdat die gewoon in het water zit en dus altijd goed gedoseerd is.

    2. Anonymous

      Excellent stuff, happy with the whole Cellmax Terra Range! Highly recommend!

    3. Laetitia droulez

    4. Marcel G.

      Degelijk verpakt en een slimme manier van dosering.

    5. Anonyme

    6. philippe j.

    7. Steven B.

    8. Ludovic Sirot

    9. benjamin antonioli

    10. Fabien L.

    11. Anonyme

    12. Yohann A.

      Pas encore essayer ont verra dans 1 ou 2 mois

    13. Anonymous

    14. Anonyme

    15. Henri Pierron

      Super produit

    16. Filip

      zeer aangenaam om mee te werken en zoals ik kan zien een zeer goed product.

    17. Cimpoeru Sergiu

    Add a review