Cellmax offers a balanced solution for fertilising your plants for every cultivation method. You can choose from certified organic cultivation, cultivation on Coco, Hydro or the universal Terra line.

Your plants need different fertilisers during the growth and flowering phase. Cellmax has therefore developed two separate products for the growth phase and the flowering or fruit-bearing phase: Grow and Bloom. You start with a Grow product. Once your plants start to bud, you can switch to Bloom. This way your plants get exactly what they need. In addition to an accurate NPK ratio, all Cellmax fertilisers contain additional natural vitamins, proteins and acids. These ingredients together ensure optimal plant growth, more fruits and a better taste.

All Cell Max fertilisers are liquid and easy to use during watering. Depending on the soil on which your plants grow (Bio, Terra, Coco or Hydro), the plant nutrients are one- or two-component.


One-component liquid fertilisers for Bio

Bio-Organic Grow

Certified organic fertilizers for improved growth.

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Bio-Organic Bloom

Certified organic fertilizers for exuberant flowering and high yields.

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One-component liquid fertilisers for Terra

Terra Grow Mix

Use Cellmax Terra Grow Mix for growing plants. This will give you a sturdy plant that can bear many flowers or fruits.

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Terra Bloom Mix

The ideal addition during the flowering phase. So also when your plants are bearing fruit. Ensures many and full fruits.

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Two-component liquid plant nutrients for Coco

Coco Grow X+Y

Cellmax Coco Grow is a concentrated, two-component liquid coco-fertiliser especially for the growth phase of plants grown in coco-substrates.

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Coco Bloom X+Y

Cellmax Coco Bloom is a concentrated, two-component liquid coco-fertiliser especially for the flowering stage of plants grown in coco-substrates.

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Two-component liquid fertilisers for Hydro

Hydro Grow X+Y

Two-component fertilizer for the growth phase on hydroponics. Everything for a healthy and strong plant.

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Hydro Bloom X+Y

Two-component fertilizer for the fruit-bearing phase in hydroponics. For abundant flowering and many fruits.

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Without animal by-products

Unlike most fertilizer manufacturers, Cellmax guarantees that our products are guaranteed free of animal waste. Animal waste contains a lot of nitrogen, which makes plants grow quickly. By combining scientific research with practical experience, Cellmax has been able to develop excellent alternatives to animal fertilizers. Sometimes even with even better results.

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