Growing better on soil

Mother Earth contains hundreds of nutriments. And what’s more, they come in all sorts.

This explains why vegetation differs all over the world, ranging from arid to abundant. Naturally, this all depends on the availability of water. To be aware of that black soil is not a common thing on mother earth any more and there will be a shortage in the future, acting responsible is necessary. To allow a plant to flourish, the trick is to find out what nutriments are best, in what amounts and at what time. Kind of tricky. The good news is that with Terra Universal Mix we have taken this problem out of your hands. This fully nourished soil has been tested by many growers all over the world and they came to the conclusion that this soil takes you and your plants to seventh heaven in no time. Optimum plant growth…

The use of Terra Universal Mix enables optimum plant growth. High-quality fertilisers ensure optimum nutrition of your plants, added substances such as perlite ensure a good oxygen/water ratio and drainage, the pH value is almost constant around the 6.5 Ph across the entire growth period. In addition to other soils, Terra Universal Mix is really easy to use. All you basically need to do is give water during the 6 weeks period without adding liquid fertilisers. That is also why our Universal Soilmix is very suitable for the beginning grower, who only needs to observe the following rules: Do not be too generous with water in the beginning.

The result of too much water is that a plant gets insufficient oxygen to the roots and there is a chance of over fertilisation. The leaves will turn yellow, the growth phase will not start right and your harvest will be disappointing. – In the last three/four weeks, check if the leaves are becoming lighter. If they are, the plant needs additional feeding with Bio-Organic Bloom or Terra Bloom Mix. The leaves will definitely turn lighter if the plant’s pot is too small. The minimum is a 7-litre pot.

We also recommend using Bio Rootbooster initially for a good and sound rootstructure. Also a good thing to do with pre-fertilised soil is an extra hand of coco peat under the young roots when you are re-potting, this helps to give the plant a soft start and give the roots some time for development  before they hit the main fertiliser in the soil. …and then…. Optimum fertilisers for the best result and minimum effort: that is likely the way you want it.

Terra Universal Mix truly is ‘soil with a soul’ with an optimal composition of selected high-grade peat types, complemented with perlite, coco peat, worm fertiliser, fungal strains and bacteria.

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