Coco Soilmix 50L

Coco holds water. This makes coco sustainable for growing with little water. 100% peat-free and therefore good for the environment.

Also available on a pallet with 30 or 60 bags of 50 liters.

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Cellmax Coco Soil Mix is ​​a high-quality coco potting soil for growing all types of plants. Coconut potting soil is used in professional horticulture as a cultivation substrate because of its excellent properties and results. Cellmax Coco Soil Mix is ​​a high-quality buffered coconut substrate. The capillary action is optimal for cultivation and is suitable for European organic/organic agriculture and horticulture and bears the RHP quality mark for horticulture.


Coco Soil Mix is ​​intended for cultivation in pots. Fill the jar with Coco Soil Mix. For maximum aeration, you can first fill the pot with clay granules. Let the young crop take root with Cellmax Rootbooster. Because this potting soil is not fertilized, we recommend that you fertilize your plants with Coco Grow X+Y from the start.

During the flowering phase continue fertilizing with Cellmax Coco Bloom. From approximatly the 4th week of flowering use supplements boosters like PK-Booster or Flowersimulator for a high quality end result and higher yields.


Cellmax Coco Soil Mix is ​​reusable. Rinse the substrate with Cellmax Allzymes after harvest to break down dead root material and convert it into useful sugars for new plants.


100% Cocopeat
pH (H2O) 6,2
EC 0,9 mS/cm
Water retention capacity 7.4ml/gr
50L EN12580


We are therefore transparent about how we make our products. You can read the complete composition of all products on the packaging. This way you know exactly what you are growing and what you are eating.

24 reviews

  1. John v.

    Plantjes staan er al lekker bij

  2. Robin

    Goeie kwaliteit

  3. Jacq Balmer

  4. Marjan M.

  5. hennie

    fijn losse grond, niet te nat. Zaadjes deden het perfect!

  6. tim

  7. Anonyme

    Très bien, livraison rapide

  8. Anonymous

    Always amazing products and fantastic service

  9. Timofte Ciprian

  10. Wannes

    Heel propere coco’s teelgrond, altijd zeer tevreden over en nooit problemen mee gehad. Klaar om rechtstreeks te gebruiken!

  11. Caroline Hübner

    Idem als de andere grond – het stimuleert het groeiproces en voedt als geen ander – planten komen er ook tot ‘rust’ onder

  12. Alexandre N.

  13. Adrian O.

  14. STEVEN B.

  15. Anoniem

  16. Nicolas

  17. Alza

    this is my first run with Cellmax Coco
    pro.No complaints great coco

  18. Dario

    Very high quality


  20. Shire flava chaser

    If you’re looking for light, fluffy, quality substrate for you’re plants then look no further! The results speak for themselves! Seen crazy root growth with this stuff! Moisture retention is on point! 10/10 substrate ✌️

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