Bio Soil Mix

Certified organic potting soil of the best quality. 100% vegetable. For a good start to all your organic projects.

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The organic potting soil that is truly organic. For professional and home use.

Cellmax Bio potting soil is one of the most sustainable potting soils ever made. It is largely made from renewable raw materials and contains minimal peat content. Cellmax guarantees that all products in the Bio line are free of heavy metals and other harmful ingredients for people and nature. The products contain only vegetable components and therefore no animal proteins or other animal by-products.

Cellmax organic potting soil is certified by Control Union, a worldwide organization that performs tests and inspections in the field of organic agriculture and horticulture. This certification means that this land may be used for organic agriculture and horticulture on the basis of EC Regulations 889/2008 and 834/2007. Naturally, the Bio potting soil also has the Quality Mark for Good Soil and the RHP Quality Mark for Horticulture and Consumer. Cellmax Bio Potting Soil has been extensively researched by laboratories and testers. It is suitable for fast growing crops, herbs, vegetables and fruits. It is also well suited for flowers and tropical plants. The unique and rich composition of Cellmax organic potting soil enables high crop yields in a responsible, sustainable way.


  • Schorscompost & groencompost uit gecontroleerde productie
  • Wood fibers from certified production
  • Untreated coconut
  • Fermented peat plants
  • 100% vegetable fertilizers (sufficient for 4-6 weeks)
  • Fulvin and Humin. These are natural by-products from drinking water extraction
  • Organic soil conditioner made from wine production by-products
  • Biostimulants
  • Natural rock flour and minerals
  • Seaweed
  • Chalk

All ingredients go through a special process after mixing to allow the soil life to fully mature. As a result, bacteria and fungi that are necessary for the plant come to life. The result is a potting soil that fully supports the growth and development of your plants.


Fill your pot, container or tray for 2/3 with potting soil. Place the plant in the pot and fill the pot up to the rim with potting soil. Gently press the potting soil and water as needed. You can adjust the watering to the needs of the plant, the size of the pot, the growing conditions and the growth phase of the plant. The potting soil should not be constantly wet or dry out completely.

For the best results, Cellmax BIO potting soil can be combined with the following products:

  • Cellmax Bio Rootbooster for many and strong roots
  • Cellmax Bio Mycorrhiza for nutrition near the roots
  • Cellmax Bio 8-2-2 for better growth and a rich soil life
  • Cellmax Bio Organic Grow for the development of a strong plant
  • Cellmax Bio Organic Bloom for high yields and larger fruits

We are therefore transparent about how we make our products. You can read the complete composition of all products on the packaging. This way you know exactly what you are growing and what you are eating.

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  • 171 reviews

    1. Anais R.

      Super qualité, livraison rapide

    2. Mikael

      Au top avec l’engrais offert ! Dommage de pas avoir de réduction à force de commander… sinon très bien

    3. Elise

    4. Marit

      Nog niks laten groeien, maar grond ziet er goed uit.

    5. Anoniem

      Grond ziet er goed uit al heb ik op zo’n korte termijn natuurlijk nog geen resultaat. Wel een tip t.a.v. de aanlevering, de zakken hoeven niet allemaal in aparte dozen en met aparte track&trace codes wat mij betreft….

    6. Jérôme L.

      Pour le moment, la plupart de nos plantations (tomates, courgette, fleurs, poivrons, aubergine, salades) ont bien démarré sauf la ciboulette, mais cela doit plutôt être les graines vu que ce sont les seules.
      Sinon, je mets 4 et pas 5 car le terreau sèche pas mal et donne en surfasse comme une couche isolante qui empêche l’eau de pénétrer quand on arrose mais on s’y fait.
      Sinon génial d’avoir un terreau sans composant d’origine animal et très peu de tourbe, merci !

    7. Jinal Tandel

      Good Product

    8. Henri Pierron

      Livraison très très rapide, super produits, les plantes ce sentent biein.Merci à toutes l équipe.

    9. Thomas

    10. ERIC

    11. Saida Palmieri

      produit au top, reçu hyper rapidement et des cadeaux dans le colis ! vraiment vous êtes géniaux !

    12. R Kleinmoedig


    13. Christiane Z.

    14. Anonyme

    15. Anonyme


    16. Providence Genetics

      This is easily the best Organic Soil I have come across.

      I have been using it on a variety of plants and they all love it. It has a good amount of nutrients already within the soil so you can cut down on what you’re using for the first few weeks and your plants will still thrive.

      It’s incredibly easy to work with with excellent water retention and decent drainage. I have had no issues with water pooling at the top of my pots which is a massive bonus.

      It’s great that half of the medium is made from renewable material as well.

    17. A. Schreuders

    18. sylvain

      le terreaux est vraiment léger comme j’aime les plantes se développent vite par contre il y a pas 5 a 6 semaines de nourriture mais 2 à 3 semaines maximum après engrais obligé ou rempotage

    19. Thibault Boucherie

      Aucune plante ne va bien presque

    20. Anoniem

      De zakken aarde waren goed verpakt in dozen. Snelle levering. Mooie aarde. De planten staan er goed bij.

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