Additives are additions that you use in addition to fertilizers for optimal growth and flowering of plants. Additions often have a specific function, such as stimulating root growth or improving soil life.

In addition to the certified organic additives, Cellmax also offers additives for general use.

Organic additives

Organic additives from Cellmax are certified by Control Union and are suitable for organic agriculture and horticulture. You can of course also use them for hobby cultivation.

Bio Rootbooster

An organic root stimulator based on algae extracts. Gives your plants an ideal start by stimulating a healthy development of the root system.

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Bio 8-2-2

Cellmax Bio 8-2-2 is a certified organic plant food with a high organic nitrogen value. For a healthy soil life and stable plant growth.

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Bio Calsimag Blad Spray

Calsimag is an organic foliar spray to supplement mineral deficiencies. Makes your plant less susceptible to pests, insects and other unwanted diseases

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Product X – Micorrhiza

Micorrhiza ensures that fungi in the soil release the right minerals to the roots of your plants. Packed in fermented grape must along with other beneficial fungi and bacteria.

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Common additives

The Cellmax general purpose additives have an excellent reputation for over 20 years. You can use them with all potting soils, substrates and on the open ground. Also suitable for hydroculture.

Cellmax Rootbooster

Root stimulator for healthy growth of the roots in the initial phase of your plant. A larger root mass, more hair roots and root tips ensure better resistance and vigorous growth.

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Cellmax Flowerstimulator

This natural food supplement improves the absorption of nutrients during the flowering phase. For abundant flowers and full fruits.

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Cellmax Allzymes

Converts dead organic matter into useful nutrients. With vitamins and cactus extracts for an active soil life and a higher resistance.

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Cellmax Alga-Max

A balanced bloom booster from sea algae. Rich in bio-active substances. For annual flowering and fruit-bearing crops.

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Cellmax PK-Booster

Cellmax PK booster is a concentrated liquid phosphorus and potassium booster for the development of flowers and fruit. This powerful product guarantees a higher yield, bigger fruits and stronger plants.

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Cellmax PH- Grow

Cellmax pH- Grow is a professional pH regulator for lowering the pH value of the nutrient solution during the growth period.

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Cellmax pH- Bloom

Cellmax pH- Bloom is a professional pH regulator to lower the pH level of the nutrient solution during the flowering period.

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Cellmax PH+

Cellmax pH+ is a professional pH regulator for increasing the pH value of the nutrient solution.

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